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Internal medicine doctor | Office Address: 4215 Rachel Boulevard, Spring Hill, Florida 34607 Phone: (352) 597 2240

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Doctor Calin Pop M.D. Office Address: 4215 Rachel Boulevard Spring Hill, Florida 34607 Phone: (352) 597 2240 Fax: ( 352 ) 597 2990

Chelation Therapy

What is chelation therapy? Chelation therapy is a treatment by which a grabber substance pulls toxins out of the body. To chelate means to grab toxins out. Chelation also grabs calcium out of the body. Read More >>>>

Mercury Detoxification

Mercury Detoxification Mercury detoxification is extremely important. The problem with mercury detoxification is that it needs to be done the RIGHT way. Read More >>>>


How can I ever thank you for giving me back my life?! In just two weeks you were able to do what other doctors tried to do for three years. I literally felt yhe life draining from me and now my energy has been restored and I am able to resume living a greatly improuved life. I call you my ” miracle” doctor. Thank you Dr. Pop for being a compasionate, caring doctor who really does listen to his patients. R. P. Read More >>>>

You saved my life seven or eight ears a go. Thanks to you I have a new base on life. That was the luckiest call I ever made. I would not be writing this letter if I had not contacted you because I wouldn’t have survived. There is a calming manner and a special something about you that puts a patient at ease. You are so compassionate and caring. I never feel rushed out of your office and most importantly you listen. Thank You a Million times over for your care, concern and treatment. Recently, well 2 years a go we bought a home in North Florida and I travel 115 miles each way for my monthly visits because I would not give you up. I love the way your staff books appointments. I never experience long, long, stressful waits in a crowded office full of people sick with other ills. It is such a pleasure to know you never have long waits. Thanks to you all for being who you are and my thanks for having you as my doctor. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. J. F.
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