How Are We Different?

How is Dr. Pop office any different? What is a small, solo and independent medical office like ours doing that the corporate or hospital owned practices aren’t? There is no single answer but surveys suggest that the solo practices benefit from better focusing on the unique needs of their patients. In our case this means better in-person service and engagement. We are told we are better! We are told we are nice! We are efficient and you don't wait long. Patients really do get better here!

Dr. Pop is a Medical Doctor, an Internal Medicine specialist with 20 years of hands-on experience
• He has written several books, and is a consultant on Healthy Energy, Exhaustion Syndrome and Nutritional Supplements.
• We are a small, flexible, solo independent practice.
• We are not owned by corporations or hospitals, and we are NOT a medical conveyor belt or a pill mill.
• You will actually see the doctor, not a Nurse practitioner or Physician Assistant.
• We have very nice and efficient office personnel.
• We scientifically and thoroughly test your medical condition.
• We take patients “by the hand” and give them a plan to get better – step by step – most who listen get better.
• We specialize in complex medical conditions, needing constant,ongoing world class guidance. We are not here “just in case you need a doctor”.
• We use and recommend a more natural approach to life like nutritional supplements and bio-identical hormones.
• We don’t stop looking until you are better or you stop coming.
• We have a low number of selected patients, we do not accept everyone.
• Some patients drive for hours or fly to come and see us.
• We only want good patients who want to get better and are committed to get better.
• Please be a good patient!

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